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21 March 2017


New partnership will deliver next generation integrated analytics solutions for retail traders. 

Irish technology company Chasing Returns today announced a major new partnership with Valutrades, the specialist Forex and CFD (contracts-for-difference) broker. Valutrades is integrating the Chasing Returns suite of performance management products as part of its improved product offering for clients.


Chasing Returns provides a suite of professional tools that has never before been available to retail traders. Having worked on Wall Street for a decade, CEO Ann Hunt turned her expertise into an accessible, highly-trusted performance management tool.


"We're delighted to be collaborating with Valutrades," said CEO Ann Hunt, who launched the Chasing Returns service in 2016. "Chasing Returns and Valutrades are both serious about backing traders every step of the way on their path to success. Valutrades has shown great vision by integrating this high-performance solution that will add real value to their clients."


Chasing Returns statistically analyses trading data to map the behavioural habits of an individual, converting personal strengths and weaknesses into new trading edge.


"Managing behaviour is a long term game," said Hunt. "About 60% of trading success is down to personal psychology - knowing how you behave under certain circumstances. We often have a distorted view of our own performance, and that's where Chasing Returns comes in. What you can measure, you can manage." 


To ensure that clients maximize on the opportunity, Valutrades and Chasing Returns will be working closely to support their traders' journey via educational webinars and an integrated help platform. 


Valutrades clients will enjoy a seamless integration with Chasing Returns. As clients trade, their live data will be synced with Chasing Returns, providing them with extensive analysis in real time.  Traders can start finding edge from as little as 100 trades and 3 weeks trading history.


CEO of Valutrades Graeme Watkins commented, "Valutrades is super excited to be offering all our clients free access to the Chasing Returns suite of products including the Dashboard and Gameplan. After an extensive search of the various trading tools available on the market, Valutrades settled for Chasing Returns on their strength of understanding of what it really takes for someone to trade successfully over the long term. Chasing Returns isn't simply a quick gimmick, it's a long term platform for successful trading."


"Chasing Returns is more than a tool," said Hunt. "This is about setting in motion a whole new way of trading. Our suite of products grows with clients, supporting them every step of the way."