The ReThink Group and Chasing Returns announce strategic partnership

Chasing Returns and The ReThink Group today announced a strategic partnership. An existing client of Chasing Returns, The ReThink Group will now use Chasing Returns technology in their coaching business.  The two companies will also collaborate on future product features, to help professional traders face the challenges of slumps, confidence crises and poor habits.  

This combination of data science and neuroscience is a game-changer for the professional trading arena. The ReThink Group and Chasing Returns have a shared vision: instead of trying to set aside emotions, professional traders can use their emotions as data to find new trading edges. Chasing Returns statistically analyses trading data and visually depicts useful and detrimental performance habits, so that traders can see the impact of their decisions on their success.

This is The ReThink Group’s first partnership. “When I saw the Chasing Returns platform, it was exactly what I would have built if I had set out to do so,” said Founder of The ReThink Group Denise Shull. Internationally recognized for her work coaching performance under intense pressure, Shull’s clients include Wall Street traders and Olympic athletes, for whom she translates the neuroscience of peak behavior into actionable tactics for elite performance.

"What you can measure, you can manage," said Chasing Returns CEO Ann Hunt. “About 60% of success is down to a trader’s personal psychology. Knowing how you behave under certain circumstances brings a new, bespoke edge to a trader. We see more authoritative behavior and increased conviction in professional decision-making.”

“Your brain needs emotion to make a decision,” said Shull, whose clients include investors at banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. “The problem is not having feelings, but in trying to ignore them while simultaneously depending on confidence or conviction. It’s a mental trap that can only be truly resolved by identifying the entire spectrum of feelings and emotions induced in trading.”    

“Every hedge fund allocator should be interested in how a manager handles negative as well as positive emotions,” said EVP and Managing Director of The ReThink Group Bill Long. “What Chasing Returns has achieved is a riveting visualization to evaluate traders’ patterns of psychological strengths and weaknesses before committing funds.”

“Our partnership brings a completely new offering to professional traders,” said Shull. “We’ve never before had this fusion of superb data science and cutting-edge neuroscience.”



Bill Long is available for interview and can be contacted on or +1 917 693 4782

Ann Hunt is available for interview and can be contacted on or +353 87 908 2287


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