empower and support your traders

Chasing Returns provides a full suite of risk management tools to help brokers support both retail and professional traders.

Our products empower traders to self-manage their performance and get better faster. Above all, our products help build client confidence and trust, and contribute to trader success, helping traders and brokers to thrive in the new regulatory environment.


Retail traders

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Acquire clients with ease

Help new clients confidently track their first 100 trades and succeed in becoming active traders. 

Our PlayMaker tool helps traders strengthen their discipline and manage their risk in real time. 

Help active traders progress

Help active traders focus on on the most influential factors for their success and make the most from their trading habits.

Our GamePlan tool reveals insights into individuals' trading behaviour, and helps traders find edge by taking advantage of their good habits while avoiding the pitfalls that hold them back.

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Professional traders

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The ultimate risk management tool

Our PlayMaker PRO combines...

...brings benefits of post-trade GamePlan to real-time

...the ultimate money-management

...exposure management in real-time

Make your trader support stand out

Improve client retention initiatives by enabling your team to identify accounts at risk and provide individual support to clients. 

Our Client Success Portal allows trader engagement to become more targeted, leading to improved client satisfaction, reduced churn and higher returns.

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