The LONG and the SHORT of it: which trading strategy works best FOR YOU?

Each trader has a distinct trading style. It’s as individual as your fingerprint or your DNA. We visualise your style so that you can see where you ‘naturally’ trade better, and where you’re more vulnerable.


Sometimes we trade ‘Long’ – buying with the aim of closing the trade at a higher price later on. When we’re going ‘Short’ in a trade, we sell with the goal of buying back at a lower price in the future. 

Many traders trade more successfully with either Long or Short trades. It’s important to know whether you’re more of a Long or a Short trader, and what effect it’s having on your bottom line.

Take Ted’s Long Short Edge for example. 

Ted's Long trading shows a negative habit. The Inferred P&L shows us that if this behaviour was the norm, Ted would have lost £5.5k. But when he trades Short, Ted is more disciplined and more successful. If this positive habit was the norm, Ted would have made nearly £2k.

Do you know if you are better at Long or Short trades? 

Find out today.