Chasing Returns is partnering with Blackwell Global to bring you superb analytics that uncover new, personalized trading edge.


key Features

Psychological edges
Dive in to your habits. From winning streaks to time between trades, make the most of your strengths.

Strategy edges
Do you excel trading a certain product? Are you more profitable trading Short? Know where you’re at your best.

Education Suite
Information, tips, articles and videos will help you get the very most out of the platform.

Immediate analysis
Get up to date analysis on your most recent trades, so you can see at a glance how you’re performing.

Timing edges
From your best time to your worst month, looking at your trading by time will unlock new edge.

Core metrics
Do you win more than you lose? What’s your average P&L? Get to know your basic performance metrics.

Access from anywhere
Mobile-friendly, responsive, up to date trading data on the go.

the chasing returns method

Find out how Chasing Returns analyses your behaviour and maps out your habitual strengths and weaknesses.



Chasing Returns is available to Blackwell Global clients as part of their service offering.

If you are a Blackwell Global client, register for Chasing Returns and start finding new edge today.